I teach the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu early morning Beginners’ Classes at LFF.

BJJ appeals to me because I feel that there is much to learn.  After every lesson (whether I am teaching or a student), I always learn something new.  Constant improvement is one of my personal values and jiu jitsu allows me to do this whilst keeping fit and healthy at the same time.

I also love the fact that jiu jitsu helps you with other areas of your life.  It develops a mentality of if you persist, you will get better at solving your problems.  I have successfully used jiu jitsu examples in several accountancy job interviews!!!

It’s important at first to just relax, observe and have fun.  At first, jiu jitsu will feel and look extremely complicated (it is! Ha!) and they might think it is not for them.  But if they stick with it, their body will adapt in no time.  Very soon, they will reap all the benefits of meeting great people and keeping fit.  Once they fall in love with jiu jitsu (which they will do), they will then start talking about jiu jitsu nonstop and would be eager to come to the next class despite having sore legs, arms, hips and fingers!

Beginners won’t get to spar in the first few lessons and should be patient. This helps prevent injuries to themselves and others.  Consistency is also key.  Sometimes it cannot be avoided where you must take some time off.  I’ve had to do this several times. Every time I came back, I felt that my game fell behind a lot.  Various factors played a part in this and I would say the biggest one is because jiu jitsu requires consistency.  This can probably be applied to most things in life.  I think for most people, you won’t be able to pick up from where you left off just like that. You will need to work harder to get back to where you were and then also consider that your team mates have been training hard whilst you were away.

That cool thing is seeing students pull off techniques that I just showed them! The great thing and thing I am proud of, is seeing students’ confidence develop on and off the mats. Knowing that I somehow played a part in helping another person grow is very rewarding.

I am firm but fair and pleasant.  The most important thing for me is to get the most out of my students.  This is usually done trying to understand what drives the individual.  As mentioned above, I enjoy helping others grow and develop. I also enjoy teaching because it helps me identify my own gaps – it’s quite scary (and exciting) because I realise that is so much more for me
to learn.

The thing that frustrates me is when someone is not putting all his or her effort into the lesson. If you are going to show up, you might as well make the most of it.

Jiu jitsu has made a massive impact in my life and it’s something I wish to continue doing. Along my journey, I’ve met amazing role models, built great friendships and develop lifelong skills – not just jiu jitsu techniques but also soft skills such as coaching and being able to work with people with different backgrounds.


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