Danny aka Galinho

I’m an Assistant Coach in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and help with the Beginner BJJ Classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  

I started training BJJ at the beginning of 2012, after being shown the UFC by my friend Biro Biro.  Three years before this I had attended a Muay Thai class, and had fallen in love with the martial arts lifestyle (training, eating healthy, and generally looking after yourself, things which up until that point in my life I had paid very little attention.  Previously I would have been much more likely to be found lying down in a night club, rather than on a mat.)

Initially the brutality of MMA, where people fought on the ground, was too much for me, but after watching Frankie Edgar vs Grey Maynard 2 I was hooked.  I arranged for me and my friend to attend a trial class at London Fight Factory and from that first session I was hooked.

That first session at London Fight Factory was a real eye opener, and I made pretty much every mistake it is possible make in my first two weeks!  First I turned up wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms with zips, something that when spotted in the warm up led to me being berated by Professor Luiz in foreign swear words that though I had no knowledge of their meaning quickly conveyed that I had made a mistake.  Luckily I had a pair of Muay Thai shorts in my bag, though these I soon found were less than ideal for grappling, leading me to purchase a gi for the next session.  It wouldn’t be long until I would step of the mat barefoot (something that it seems no matter how many times it is explained, is hard for some of us to take in fully until we have been loudly sworn at in Portuguese).

Since achieving my purple belt towards the end of 2015 I have been assisting Professor Luiz teaching the beginners BJJ class.  The advice that new students need when beginning jiu jitsu depends a lot on the individual.  Some need to relax, while others need to connect a bit with their inner aggression.  It is definitely a good idea to make friends with your training partners, as one of the best things about coming to London Fight Factory are the people and the sense of community the place provides.  Most importantly I would say focus on the process, rather than the destination.  Jiu jitsu will provide many opportunities to allow you to recognize the progress you have made, but an equal amount that will leave you questioning whether you are getting anywhere at all.  The beginning especially can be pretty demoralizing, and it can feel (especially if you are small or not very strong) like you are never going to be able to get to grips with it.  Just keep training, with jiu jitsu you really do get out what you put in, and if you stick with it you’ll look back and be blown away by how far you’ve come.


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