I’ve been a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Luiz ‘Manxinha’ Ribeiro since 2013. In total, I’ve been training BJJ for 12 years, teaching for 6 years, and I’m in charge of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programme at the LFF Golders Green branch.

I’ve been an active sportsperson for most of my life and that helped develop motor skills that I later transferred to BJJ. When I began training in BJJ I fell in love with the mentally and physically challenging aspects of the sport and have since dedicated myself to it.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in BJJ but is feeling a little hesitant for whatever reason – fitness, gender, age – to set those concerns aside and start training. There is simply no way besides training BJJ to prepare for it. The more mat hours you put in, the fitter and better at Jiu Jitsu you will get.

As a coach, my preferred method is to instil in students a solid understanding of the fundamentals, as well as the importance of good technique. When I coach, I’m both strict and encouraging and, as a team, we all work together to improve and like and respect each other.


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