I am an Assistant Coach for Brazilian Jiu jitsu (BJJ) and I teach the girls only BJJ class on Saturday mornings. 

I originally started training MMA at London Fight Factory in 2011 and loved it from day 1.  My favourite part was the grappling aspect of the sport, which I later discovered as BJJ.  There is a very primitive and natural feeling when training BJJ.  Being able to roll around on the mats is very freeing.  It’s like being a kid all over again.  At the same time, as a girl I felt like I was put in potential real life situations and shown how to deal with them.  I’m not saying BJJ is the magic solution to beat everyone around but what I love is the idea that a combination of technique, leverage and strategy can beat brut strength.

The first thing to know when trying BJJ is that anyone can make it work for them, no matter their abilities, or body shape.  The discipline gets you in shape; you don’t need to be a super athlete before starting training.

The best thing for me in teaching jiu jitsu is seeing the “Aha” moment on my students face when they discover a new cool move or a technique that works for them.

My proudest moment so far has been accompanying some of the girls from being insecure in their abilities, all the way into sparring or even competing.  Seeing the shift in their self- belief and being part of their journey is the best feeling as a coach.

I spend a lot of time coaching the girls in the beginners’ class because they are my priority but it shouldn’t stop anyone from asking me for help.

The only frustrating thing is when people are defeated before even trying.  The whole learning process in martial arts is through trial and error.  It’s ok not to be able to do a move; the important thing is to give it a try.  We have a good set of coaches and assistant coaches to support beginners on their journey so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

As a BJJ practitioner for 5 years now, I’ve not only learnt new skills and learnt what my body is capable of.  I have also built a very tight community of friends, most of which I consider as family today.


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