I’m an Assistant Coach in LFF’s Beginners’ BJJ and Children’s BJJ classes.

I love BJJ because it’s a sport of never ending possibilities, which is what makes it so much fun for me; it also teaches you how to be calm in difficult situations, discipline and self-control.  That aside it’s a great workout for the body and you’ll make lots of very good friends in the process.

If I had to give any advice before starting BJJ it would be to just enjoy the process and enjoy learning a new skill, train as many times a week as you can and just completely immerse yourself into it and reap the rewards.

I have many proud moments in my BJJ career so far however there is one I think about every day and it’s when I won the British Open for the first time as a white belt, it was the first gold medal I ever won and it’s where my passion to become who I am now stemmed from.

Students should always expect a fun class if I’m teaching and should never be afraid to ask questions, I’m always more than happy to help.

I love to teach, I’ve been in a coaching environment for 10 years now and really enjoy the process of helping people to get better and watching them grow over time.


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