Luis aka Walid

I’m an Assistant Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach at LFF and help with Beginner BJJ classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  Because my name sounds the same as Luiz’s (black belt) I also have a nickname – Walid!

I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it is the best martial art for self defence, you don’t need to be strong to beat a bigger and stronger opponent – the technique is more important than the power so everybody has the potential to train Jiu Jitsu.

I think it’s useful for new students to know about BJJ history, to have knowledge about what it entails, how and where it started, and how it evolved.

I like to pass on my knowledge of BJJ.  When I show some details to do with a position or technique that makes all the difference to what the students are aiming to achieve, and helps them better understand the technique and how to apply it – that makes me really happy.  I also like to teach because when I teach I learn more and more.


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