‘London Fight Factory is special in the sense that before, during and after the training everybody is not just friends, but family.

There is no animosity, arrogance, or ego present in the gym. Everyone is concerned with making beginners feel welcome, improving our own techniques and forging one of the best teams in the country.’

James, MMA Student

‘I joined the London Fight Factory in January and since then have become a regular, attending stacks of classes. Living in West London, there are a number of good clubs I could have joined – Carlson Gracie Team, RGA and London Shootfighters are all within easy reach.

Instead I travel all the way across town to train at LFF. Here’s why you should too:

First off, the club is open and friendly. You’re welcomed as a beginner, not treated like a nobody. BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai can be tough enough to learn and on the mat there are times when you’ll feel like a complete zero, so the last thing you need is to be in a club where you’re treated like that off it.

Alistair, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student

‘The instruction at the gym is second to none. The instructors don’t need to brag about their titles as they speak for themselves. It’s often said that being a good fighter does not necessarily mean that you are a good teacher, but this is not the case with London Fight Factory instructors.

London Fight Factory is, in my mind, the place to train at if you want to receive top class instruction, value for money, a relaxed and informal atmosphere as well as gaining lifelong friends.’

Alex, Muay Thai Student

‘Having tried kick boxing at a gym near work, I was really looking forward to take a different direction with my training and felt it was time to abandon the ‘corporate’ work out.

Right at the first class at London Fight Factory, it became clear to me that I was at the right place. I not only felt really comfortable training as a beginner from day one, but also made many good friends since.

I started practicing Muay Thai two days a week and now have also added MMA and Conditioning to my favourites, but don’t think it will be long until I try BJJ as well as I am now training most days of the week there.

All the instructors, including Abel, Luiz and Omid, are always making sure that everyone is taking the best they can from the classes and that people are enjoying their time – while working hard! Thank you LFF for having made me feel so welcome from day one!’.

Camila, Muay Thai, MMA, Strength and Conditioning Student

‘There are a lot of very talented people at the club including some up and coming professionals but no matter what your ability, everybody treats each-other with respect. This culture is one of the real strengths of the club – you train hard with people, not against them. But I have to emphasize that YOU TRAIN HARD. If you’re lazy, have ego or are inclined to half-arse things, this is not the club for you.

You don’t need to be ultra fit, ultra tough or the next big thing in the UFC to train here, but you will need to commit to working hard, learning properly and giving your honest best.

That’s how the instructors approach their task, so that’s the way you will need to respond. Even so, be prepared to get shouted at every now and again (by Luiz) and don’t take it badly – it’s just because he cares!

That said, it’s a lot of fun. While there is serious care and attention on the part of the instructors to teach things properly and make sure you’re constantly progressing, it’s generally done with plenty of laughs along the way.

Luiz dishes out a lot of nicknames and they’re pretty funny. The roll call at the start of a bjj class can be hilarious as Harry Potter, Sylvester Stallone, Cobra Kai, Shrek, Rubberman and a host of others take to the mat.

I could go on about how great this club is, but you get the idea.

So come along, work hard, be a good training partner and, above all, don’t give up! You’ll gain some serious skills and some great friends along the way.’

Alistair, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student


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