Why I Train


I train in wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and occasionally Sambo. I train in combat sports because it makes me feel alive. It motivates and inspires me to want to be better; have a better diet, be stronger, be faster, be more focused. I also train because it’s a lot of fun. After a hard day at work, coming to LFF is the perfect way to de-stress.

I train because I want to master an art form. When you are finally able to perform a certain move or technique well enough, there is an immense sense of pride that comes with it. It helps me believe that hard work really can help you achieve anything.


Why train? I think it’s women in particular who train (mixed) martial arts that find themselves asked this question regularly. Not least when people notice the occasional bruise, sprain, or other injury, and when you explain that you are often training with men who are bigger and stronger than you because there are fewer women who do this type of sport. So, having been asked this myself and had those times to reflect on the answer, I can offer some suggestions.

The change you feel to your body – your fitness level and stamina increasing, noticing and growing muscles you didn’t know you had, understanding your sense of balance and gravity – is amazing. There are few other sports that can show you so many things about your physical self in such detail.

This helps you to understand others too in terms of self-defence – how to knock someone off balance, submit, and incapacitate them – which is a useful skill in this day and age. Sharing this experience and (at the risk of sounding cheesy) journey with other people is also special. Meeting people looking for the same things and getting to know them is a gift and I have made some really good friends thanks to training.

Something that can be hard to explain as well is this sense of getting to know your personality better through training. I think you find out who someone really is when you put them outside their comfort zone, and that is definitely what happens when you train combat sports. You can train your emotional reactions as well as your physical ones, so you can deal with stress better and have more control.

These are just some answers to that question – why train? – and I am sure other people would mention different ones, and that again is part of the beauty of this sport. Try it, what do you have to lose?


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