Boxing is one of the most effective physical exercises to bring out the best in you. White collar boxing training can not only develop you at a physical level but is also aids at your development at an intellectual level too. There are many boxing clubs and boxing gyms in London.

But, why else should you be taking our boxing classes in London, and why should you be a part of our boxing school?

white collar boxing london

1. Physical Fitness
This is one of the most obvious and important benefits of boxing. The boxer training enables a person to get fit as the exercises involves the entire body. Even the warm up alone consists of various exercises which can increase your level of physical fitness. It involves activities such as jumping rope, punch bags, pad work, speed balls etc.


2. Self Confidence
Without a doubt, boxing improves self-confidence. While taking boxing classes, a student will recognize their strengths and weaknesses and then develop these areas to various levels. This aids the student to establish self-confidence. By knowing their talents and exerting themselves to the next level, the boxer will be able to tackle different situations and transfer this to their daily lives.


3. Development of Coordination
Boxing training can aid a lot in the development of coordination. Hand to eye coordination is improved and general bodily control is too.


4. The art of Self-Defense
This is fairly obvious – boxing training equips the person with fighting and self defence techniques. This improves confidence to deal with unfortunate scenarios where you may have to defend yourself or someone else.


5. Self-Control and Discipline
Boxing is one of those activities which requires self-control and discipline. Being dependent on these principles, boxing requires students to stay focused and control themselves in order to succeed. Developing these traits are important in all walks of life.


6. Get strong
Everyone loves to get stronger! Our boxing lessons in London will make you stronger through various physical exercises, from boxing itself to bodyweight movements such as pushups and situps.


7. A great way to relieve stress
Being part of a boxing gym allows you to exert yourself physically. As a result, your hormones become more balanced, endorphins are released and stress is relieved. With each punch you will release stress!


So come and try out our classes at our London boxing club today!

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