Whilst we’re all looking back fondly to the days when we talked about Brexit and at LFF the only thing we really needed to tell visitors involved shoes and bare feet, we felt a quick update was in order.

As you’ll be aware, on Monday morning we planned to stay open (albeit with some changes) but after the Prime Minister’s speech on Monday evening we made the decision to close. As we currently all need to keep a good distance away from each other, we are reviewing different systems that will enable us to deliver classes remotely – so you’ll see us, and hopefully each other, and your instructor will see you via your phones, laptops etc.

Our class schedule and content will obviously need to change but alongside the above our instructors will be posting content for members on the LFF Instagram and Facebook pages. If you have any requests/suggestions as to what you’d like your instructor to cover in either their virtual classes or posts please let us – and them – know.

We also need to talk about your membership. These are obviously really difficult times for all of us in different ways – none of us is unaffected by what is going on. Whilst we obviously understand that if you have been made redundant, or similar, you will need to freeze or cancel your membership, if your employer is still paying you then please continue to pay us. If you can keep your membership live and running this will help us enormously. If you can’t join our virtual classes then you’re welcome to make up any missed sessions later in the year but any queries let us know.

LFF’s members live across London, many are close to the gym itself, but others aren’t. Wherever you are, if you need something, need someone to run around your local park with (together but obviously at least 2 metres apart) and do star jumps with (still together but apart), then let us know. Please post on Facebook or Insta and if anyone is local they can get in touch and be your Virus Buddy (together but apart). Obviously please don’t share anyone else’s details otherwise that’s a whole different (GDPR) problem.

As always, any thoughts/suggestions/questions just let us know at [email protected]

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