Are some people just born with power, or does it have to be developed? Maybe it just seems that way when powerful knockout-punchers like Sonny Liston, Rocky Marciano, and George Foreman prove their punching power. Perhaps they were born with a natural ability to pack a powerful punch – but they still had to do the work.

Either way, it takes a combination of natural ability, ambition, dedication, and special training to build and maintain power in the world of boxing.

What this proves is that you don’t have to be born with natural power in order to build on what you do have. You can develop your own level of power and do quite well in boxing if that is what you choose. Power starts with this simple equation: Power is weight x speed. You know that weight is used to classify boxers in a weight class, but you still need the power and speed to back it up.

There is a fine balance you must find in order to succeed in developing your optimal power. It’s not all about how much you weigh or how fast you are, but some combination of the two that packs the most powerful punch. How can you develop your natural power?

  1. Add weight to your training workout: If you don’t develop your strength, you’re not going to get stronger. You need strength to develop power. For example, when you deadlift, add weight to your routine every week. This will help you boost your punching power.
  2. Get into shape: Fat is not power. Having excess fat weight will slow you down. Get into shape and you will boost your lung capacity and muscular endurance, which will result in longer lasting power.
  3. Choose the proper exercises: It’s important to build athletic power all over your body. Not all types of exercises and strength training will do that. Biceps curls and bench presses can be useful, but avoid spending a lot of time on them. One example of exercise that builds power is the Olympic lift. There are several variations you should be using of power-building workouts. Also, focus on speed with these lifts. It’s not about how high you can lift the weight, but how quickly you can get underneath it when it’s back at your shoulder level. Olympic lifts are the key to knockout power in boxing and power hitting in baseball.
  4. Don’t just lift weights: Weight-lifting is not the only workout that enhances your power. Plyometric exercise is popular with the most powerful athletes. Plyometrics include exercises like box jumps, which is designed to improve how high and how far you can jump. You can boost your efforts with a weighted vest when performing plyometric exercises.
  5. Concentrate on weight transfer: Once you’ve put into action a plan to boost your punching power, it’s time to focus on punching. Watch Rocky Marciano videos and look at how he puts his whole body into a punch. Learn to transfer your weight to do the same as Rocky. Did you know that putting more weight on your back foot will let you easily push off to transfer that power to your front foot? That’s powerful in any sport.

Whether you’re a boxer, golfer, baseball player, or whatever kind of athlete, you need to boost your power and speed. These five methods will boost your power, stamina, and performance. Remember to be patient with yourself and don’t overdo it or injure yourself.

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