A huge and heartfelt thank you to all our members and instructors who have continued to support London Fight Factory through the multiple lockdowns and Zoom timetables; temperature checks and mask wearing; social distancing and being covered in antibacterial gel.  We love you all.
This year would have been so much worse without you, so thank you again for joining us online, for continuing to train, for helping us all stay positive, and for helping to keep your team together.
Whilst we hope to see you in person very soon, and we’re definitely having a BBQ in the summer, because London’s still in Tier 4 we’re back on Zoom for the next few weeks.  Your coach will also be sharing some additional training plans with you.  These will be shared via WhatsApp – so if you need adding to our BJJ/Boxing/Muay Thai/MMA or Wrestling WhatsApp groups drop us an email.
And our Zoom schedule can be found here – LFFonZoom-January2021
We hope you have a great 2021, please look after yourselves, and please keep in touch.  We’re nearly there…

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