How old do I need to be to join your regular group classes?
Students normally need to be 15 or over but if you’re nearing that age then please come down and speak to either Luiz or Helen.
I’m a complete beginner; can I still train at London Fight Factory?
Yes! Around 80% of students who start training here are complete beginners and, at the start, fitness levels vary a lot. People of all ages and sizes make up the LFF team so if you’d like to watch some classes, to see what they entail, just come down whenever the sessions you’re most interested in are taking place. Alternatively, if you’d like a free trial class, please just complete the form available here
What equipment will I need?
Detailed information on what you’ll need in order to train in each discipline can be found under the individual class information. However, as a general rule, for your first class here you’ll just need shorts and a t-shirt. Please note though, that neither item should have any zips, buttons or pockets!
Can I learn two disciplines at the same time?
We’ve found this is completely down to personal preference. Obviously if you focus on one you’ll probably progress in that quicker than if you divided your time between two. However, some new students like to learn several disciplines and really enjoy doing so. And if you enjoy it then you’ll train more and get loads from your time here.
Can I use the gym area?
Members who sign up to our unlimited monthly membership programme are able to use the gym area. This is available when group classes are taking place or 30 minutes before they start. The only exception to this is the early morning classes, those starting at 7:15am, when it’s only available when the classes themselves are on.


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