Two very focused male students warm up before a Sambo class with a series of lunges to help with hip rotation. They are both wearing black shorts and rash guards that read 'LFF Sambo'.

Sambo Classes

Sambo is a Russian martial art which was officially recognized as a sport in 1938 so it doesn’t have such a long history as some of the others we teach here. There are different types of Sambo and their goals vary depending on the style. However, what they all do is show you how to end fights quickly – often done by taking your opponent to the ground and applying strikes or a fast submission hold.

Combat Sambo is the sub-class that we teach here and this includes striking, pins and grappling – chokes are also allowed, as well as punches, kicks and knee strikes. Other techniques are also technically allowed, such as head butts, but you won’t be doing those here. The style gained recognition through the work of MMA and Sambo champion, Fedor Emelianenko so if you’d like to see how Sambo is applied just check out some of his fights or those of our coach – Silviu Vulc.

And if you’re wondering where Sambo got its name it’s an acronym of SAMozaschita Bez Orujiya which means self defense without weapon in Russian.

What Sambo for MMA Classes Can I Join? 

Are you looking for Sambo classes near me?  Our Sambo sessions are really fast paced so we ask that those joining them have a good base in MMA or another relevant discipline. Classes at London Fight Factory start with a very vigorous conditioning warm up and Silviu, our instructor, will then move on to demonstrate techniques, set ups and positions. Students will then drill these and use them in the sparring that follows. Sparring is included in all classes, but students are only asked to participate when they, and the instructor, feel they’re ready.


What Do I Need to Train in Sambo? 

For your first few classes you’ll need shorts and a rash guard or t-shirt with no zips and/or buttons (and preferably no pockets) and please ensure your finger nails and toenails are short!

Depending on your level of experience, you’ll also need to buy, or consider buying, head protection, open-fingered gloves (similar to MMA gloves, but with more padding), and shin/instep guards on the legs.

Can I Have a Trial Sambo Class?

Potential students are very welcome to try out one of our classes for free. Please note, our Sambo Classes are for intermediate/advanced students only.  Just click here or on the ‘Sign up for a trial class’ button and complete the form. Please also note, we ideally ask for 48 hours’ notice of when you’d like to join a class so we have plenty of time to respond to your request!

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