Two male students wearing wrestling singlets and wrestling boots train together. One has just submitted the other on the floor and is pressing his right hand shoulder on the other's back thereby winning their latest training bout.

Wrestling Classes

There are a wide range of styles in Wrestling and it’s one of the oldest forms of combat dating back to the first Olympic Games.

The style we teach at our school is Freestyle Wrestling which is considered to be one of the most complete and is one of the two styles featured in the Olympic Games – the other is Greco-Roman.  Both are based on balance, explosive power and leverage.  In Freestyle Wrestling the ultimate goal is to pin your opponent to the mat which results in an immediate win.  This style also allows the use of your legs when attacking or defending against an opponent.

What Wrestling Classes Can I Attend? 

If you have specifically trained in Wrestling before then our Mixed Ability Classes are ideal for you.  Mohsen (our Wrestling Instructor) will first lead the class in the warm up which encompasses conditioning and gymnastic exercises before moving onto demonstrate and drill techniques, partner work and – for students with appropriate experience – sparring.  If you have never trained in Wrestling before, then we have Wrestling – Fundamental Classes which focus on the real basics of the discipline.  These also start with a conditioning and gymnastic warm-up before students move on to practice basic techniques with partners.  

Wrestling is a key discipline to learn if you have an interest in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well as purely in Wrestling itself as it’s a critical part of the transition from stand up fighting to grappling and groundwork.  Techniques used here can be blended with moves from Brazilian Jiu JitsuMuay Thai and Boxing to create an awesome arsenal of fight moves.

What Should I Wear for Wrestling?

A wrestling singlet and wrestling boots but, if you don’t have this, then shorts/spats and a t-shirt (or rash guard) with no zips and/or buttons (and preferably no pockets) on any item of clothing is fine. And please ensure your finger nails and toe nails are short otherwise you won’t be able to train.


Can I Try Out Wrestling?

Potential students are welcome to try out one of our classes for free. Just click on the ‘Sign up for a trial class’ button and complete the form there. Please note, we ideally ask for at least 48 hours’ notice of when you’d like to join a class so we have plenty of time to respond to your request.  

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