China Bajerski

Overcoming Bullying Through Martial Arts

I started martial arts at the age of 13 because I was bullied throughout most of high school. I realised my confidence had started to drop and I wasn’t feeling myself, so I joined kickboxing classes. It was my first experience of entering a gym and I remember a girl walking in, and everyone stopped to congratulate her on her fight. She was so proud and happy. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a fighter.

A Journey of Dedication and Skill Development

I dedicated most of my time after school to training, and devoted most of my teenage years to developing my skills. A few years later I went to Thailand, travelling from south to north and training at the best Muay Thai gyms, with the best coaches in the country. I fought in stadiums in Phuket, and then went on to fight on the best shows in the UK.

Embracing the Role of a Coach

On my return to this country, I began coaching, everyone from kids to adults, and beginners to professional fighters. Seeing my students succeed and enjoy what they are learning really sparked my love of coaching, and ignited my ambition to pursue it.



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