Jeremy petley

The Multifaceted World of MMA:

MMA requires a good understanding of multiple disciplines and it’s widely believed that MMA can best prepare you for any real life situation – more than any other discipline. There are limitless strengths and techniques than can be combined and utilised and this means each person’s style can be more dynamic than most and unique to their own ever-evolving skill set.

Embracing Grappling: A Personal Passion

My expertise lies in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, with a special passion for grappling. I find joy in teaching the grappling aspects within MMA, adapting these skills to fit the unique demands of the sport, and watching my students excel in this discipline.

The Importance of Technique for Beginners

The biggest key for beginners to understand is the ‘technique first’ rule. When learning a new technique it’s easy to get excited and want to execute with real life speed and power. But this will significantly slow your progress. Technique first means you must repeat the movement calmly and slowly many times until you better understand the movement. As your technique improves gradually so does the intensity (speed and power) that you execute the technique with. If the technique starts to become worse this is a sign that you need to lower the intensity until it improves.

Coaching: A Source of Pride

Witnessing my students' development is immensely rewarding. Whether it's seeing them achieve professional milestones, like winning fights and titles, or observing the steady improvement of a hobbyist, each advancement is a testament to their hard work—and a reflection of my role in their journey. The growth in confidence and skill among all my students, competitive or casual, represents a significant accomplishment in my eyes.


My coaching style is direct, yet I value humor and camaraderie in training. A balance of fun and seriousness is essential, regardless of a student's level. I expect hard work, attentiveness, and respect towards both myself and fellow teammates from everyone. These principles ensure a productive and respectful training environment for all involved.



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