I teach Boxing and Sambo.  I’ve trained/competed/coached martial arts for over twenty years to professional fighters, semi-professionals and complete beginners.

Boxing and Sambo/Sambo for MMA

I began boxing in Romania when I was twelve and went on to coach the Romanian Olympic Boxing Team before moving to Russia to train and compete with the Red Devil Sport Club alongside other fighters such as Fedor Emelianenko and Kirill Sidelnikov. I then went to train and coach in Thailand before moving to London.

I love boxing. To be a good boxer you need to understand the mental side of the discipline: that so much of it has to do with intelligence and that really intrigues and attracts me. You can’t just be physically fit (although you need to work your arse off here too) but understand there’s a whole other cerebral side to the sport. If you don’t, you’re never going to take your boxing to another level – you need to be clever to be a good boxer.      

I love Sambo too but in a different way. It’s very straightforward and a true Sambo fight is pretty brutal. The classes I teach here are Sambo for MMA, so techniques you’re allowed to use in MMA – some of them you can’t. Like MMA, Sambo is a blend of grappling and striking and you fight with your heart and your head. And it’s great for self-defence – it’s in its own league.

I really enjoy seeing the positive impact that training has on students – the way people carry themselves changes, they have more energy, confidence and you assess life and events around you differently.

I’ve always enjoyed the experience of teaching, either with individuals or groups, I enjoy the process, seeing students pass from one level to another and how the experience and ability of people changes. Sport changes lives and it always changes them for the better. It has such a positive impact: physically, mentally – training helps you feel less stressed and to touch someone’s life, to help with that change is to have a real purpose and is very rewarding.

New students need to be ready to be introduced to something new and understand it’s a process, it won’t happen in one or two sessions and you need to work for it. Training is not like going to the supermarket where you pick what you want and pay for it, you have to make it happen and have the desire to learn, dedication and patience, and to help me to help you. No one achieves anything alone.

It makes me very happy when I see people, maybe after they’ve trained for one or two years, and their lives have changed so much for the better. Yes, their sporting performance has improved but you can also see how much happier they are overall.


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