White Belt Exam – Spring 2023

White Belt Exam All the practical things our BJJ White Belt students need to know and demonstrate in order to move from Beginner to Intermediate lessons. Once you're confident you know how to breakfall, demonstrate a ninja sweep, pass a guard to side control, and...

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One week to go

Hello! As mentioned in previous posts, LFF's doors will be back open from 7am on Monday 12 April. All our members will be able to book Open Mat sessions and use the gym/weights area, and all sessions must be booked in advance using ClubManager. Training plans will be...

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LFF Reopening – Monday 12 April

Dates are obviously dependent on government advice/restrictions so - Hands, Face, Space - here we go again.       Monday 12 April LFF itself will reopen, and all members can use the weights/gym area and train during Open Mat sessions.  If you're not sure what you...

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Re-Opening Update

Following the government's announcement this week, we plan to re-open on Monday 12 April and then to start giving group classes on Monday 17 May. As Boris said, the dates for gyms to re-open (and everyone else) are dependent on the situation around COVID - and the...

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Thank You and Happy New Year!!

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all our members and instructors who have continued to support London Fight Factory through the multiple lockdowns and Zoom timetables; temperature checks and mask wearing; social distancing and being covered in antibacterial gel.  We...

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