Personal Training

London Fight Factory instructors give private and semi-private tuition in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)BoxingMixed Martial Arts (MMA)Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)Wrestling, Sambo and Strength and Conditioning.

BJJ, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Sambo

Martial arts personal training programmes are put together to suit you and your individual needs and will help you learn at an accelerated rate.  This is due to being trained more intensely and monitored constantly.  Classes last for an hour and a basic format is usually followed: aerobic exercise, such as basic stretching, skipping and shadow boxing, followed by anaerobic exercise i.e. advanced stretching, strength and stamina training.

You will then move onto technique training, which will consist of many different areas depending on the discipline: basic drills, self defence, bag work, pad work or partner work.  Instructors work with students to devise a training programme so if there are any areas you would rather not practice please let us know.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning sessions also last for an hour. They help students become faster, stronger and build muscular endurance so they perform better and avoid injuries. They’re great for everyone, from those who plan to compete and want to give themselves an extra edge to those who haven’t trained for some time and want to improve their fitness, faster.

The content of classes varies depending on the student, their ambitions, the disciplines they train in and any competition deadlines. Training involves a variety of methods and equipment, from skipping to medicine balls to kettle bells to weights. No one session is ever the same and you’ll see results very quickly.

Availability and Costs

Instructors are available between 7am to 9:30pm, Monday to Friday, or 7am to 4pm on Saturdays.  The cost for one-to-one sessions is £60 for a one hour class or £550 for a course of ten.  The cost for semi-private tuition (so for two or more students) starts at £70 for a one hour class or £650 for a course of ten.  For more detail or to book your private tuition please get in touch with Helen.  Equally, if you’d like to meet an instructor first please let us know.


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