A male MMA coach works with one of his students (who has his back to the floor) to show other members of the class how to 'pass the guard'

MMA Classes

Our MMA classes highlight all that this full contact combat sport has to offer. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, blends techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. And sometimes there’s a bit of Sambo thrown in too. By creating this smoothie of highly effective martial arts, MMA enables you to strike and grapple with your opponent whilst standing up and when you’re on the ground. MMA lessons are therefore demanding, hard work and involve a lot of up-close fighting techniques.

What MMA Classes Can I Join? 

All our MMA sessions are currently mixed so students of all abilities attend.  If you’re completely new to MMA, and/or have never trained in any martial arts before, then you are very welcome to join these lessons and will be very well looked after.  Whilst more experienced students will be in the session you will cover the fundamentals of the discipline before moving on to execute more complex techniques and combinations as you grow in experience and ability.  Our classes on Mondays and Tuesdays tend to focus on grappling, whilst Wednesdays and Saturdays concentrate of striking. However, this being MMA, you may still be striking whilst on the ground and/or aiming to take someone down when you’re standing up.

Intermediate/advanced MMA students are paired with others of a similar experience, ability and size, and techniques and combinations will be complex and appropriate for your level of experience. We also encourage those with experience to join our inter/advanced Sambo for MMA classes in order to broaden their skills and, if appropriate, prepare for competitions.  


What Should I Wear for MMA? 

A rash guard or t-shirt and shorts with no zips and/or buttons (and preferably no pockets) on any item of clothing.  Please also ensure your finger nails and toe nails are short.  Intermediate or Advanced students will need the above plus a gum shield, MMA gloves, plus hand wraps, boxing gloves, shin guards and a head protector.


Can I Try MMA? 

Potential students are welcome to try out one of our classes for free. Please click on the ‘Sign up for a trial class’ button and complete the form you’ll find there. Please note, we ideally ask for at least 48 hours’ notice as this gives us plenty of time to respond to your request.

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