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Why you should box

Boxing is more than just a sport. It’s also a trendy way to get fit. It might not seem so awesome to get punched, but taking boxing classes is beneficial to your health and wellness. Boxing classes are more than … Continue reading


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the most dominant martial art in the early years of mixed martial arts. Most MMA pundits know the story of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993. A relatively skinny Brazilian man was strangling people nearly … Continue reading

Wrestling in Modern MMA

Since time immemorial, humans have grappled with each other, both in the literal sense and in the metaphorical sense, for resources, territory and dominance. Ancient cultures have depicted people fighting each other with bare hands for millennia. Ancient Sumerian wall … Continue reading

A Look at Striking in MMA

Of all the techniques in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) nothing gains more awe or time on the highlight reel than a good strike. Takedowns and throws can be jaw-dropping, and the puzzle-like submission game is a sight to behold, if … Continue reading