Two male students wearing boxing gloves train together. The one on the left is throwing a jab with his left hand whilst the student on the right hand side is defending himself with gloves raised in front of his face.

Boxing Classes

Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports. You use footwork, balance, strategy, head movement, defensive skills and an array of punches to hit someone. Whilst hopefully minimising the chances of getting hit yourself!

What Boxing Classes Can I Join? 

All our boxing classes are mixed, so students of all abilities (including complete beginners) are very welcome to join and are very well look after!  If you haven’t trained before, you will take part in the same warm up as everyone else before focusing on your stance, balance and footwork. More advanced students focus on punches and combinations etc. that are suitable for their level of skill and experience.  

Classes are roughly divided into three main sections.

The first, the warm up, includes the conditioning and stretching exercises needed to box. 

This is followed by the demonstration and drilling of boxing techniques. Examples of these include,

  • Striking – working in pairs using boxing gloves/pads.
  • Guard – drilling guard postures and defensive techniques.
  • Movement – working on upper body movements and footwork.
  • Tactics – applying diverse strategies related to boxing and the different types of opponent.

This technique work is followed by further exercises that improve students’ level of fitness and again incorporate boxing specific routines.

Sparring is included in lessons but students only participate when they, and the instructor, feel they’re ready. Our emphasis is on technical sparring as this ensures students are able to apply the taught techniques correctly in a live environment. It’s also highly important if a boxer is to improve their skills.


What Should I Wear for Boxing?

For your first session you will need shorts/leggings and a t-shirt with no zips and/or buttons on any item. If they do, you won’t be able to train in them, so please double check. If you have your own gloves, hand wraps, gum shield and boxing boots please bring them along but, if you don’t, it’s not a problem.  


Can I Try Boxing?

Potential students are welcome to try out one of our classes for free. Just click on the ‘Sign up for a trial class’ button and complete the form you’ll find there. Please note, we ideally ask for at least 48 hours’ notice as this gives us plenty of time to respond to your request.

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